Google videosökning med YouTube

Yes, you read this right. Now you can also search YouTube videos from Google Video. This is the first sign of integration between Google and YouTube since the unexpected acquisition from October last year.

Google Blog writes
: “Google’s strength — and its history — is grounded in search and in innovating technologies to make more information more available and accessible. YouTube, meanwhile, excels at being a leading content destination with a dynamic community of users who create, watch and share videos worldwide. (…)

Over time, Google Video will become even more comprehensive as it evolves into a service where you can search for the world’s online video content, irrespective of where it may be hosted. YouTube, as we’ve stated previously, will remain an independent subsidiary of Google, and will continue to operate separately. (…)

Ultimately, we envision most user-generated and premium video content being hosted on YouTube so that it can further enhance the YouTube experience. We also envision YouTube benefiting from future Google Video innovations — especially those involving video search, monetization and distribution.”

So Google comes back to its real mission and promises to create a good video search engine. Hopefully, before moving all the videos to YouTube, the leading online video site will have a better video player and an option to download videos.

For the moment, you’ll get almost identical results if you do a search on YouTube and Google Video, as YouTube hosts much more videos.

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